Architectural Build

Bring us your plans and specifications and Locspec Building Services will build to the exact requirements without compromise and impact to your final cost. We also offer effective cost management when considering your design and specification and offer ways you can improve the look of your new home.

Having over 15 years industry experience, Locspec Building Services can build your dream home or extension to meet your specific requirements. We offer high quality workmanship and work alongside the best specialist tradesmen in their industry to ensure the finest outcome is achieved.

Design & Build Quality

Every new home builder likes to add their own touch to their new home, be it the overall layout or something as simple as tile or carpet selections. With a network of qualified Architects and Draftpersons available, we can help you design your new home to your satisfaction. You bring your ideas to us, and we make it become a reality.

Building your home is a personal experience that can be overwhelming at times with various options to consider and contractors to negotiate with. Locspec Building Services can assist you at every stage, from the overall design and layout based on years of industry knowledge and getting to know each client as an individual, through to colour pallets and materials. We will negotiate with other trade on your behalf to ensure that your design is executed to your satisfaction.

We understand that a home must be functional and personal, without compromising the quality or design integrity.

Project Management

Locspec Building Services have extensive knowledge and experience in project management. If a Client wishes to be able to control the cost and construction of the building works, but requires advice and expertise in this process, Locpec can help you.

This service aims to take away the stress of building or engaging contractors that will ultimately ensure a smooth path for completion of your home.


Can mange or subcontract

Locspec Building Services is available to provide project management assistance for an owner builder client. We can provide this service throughout the entire process or at certain stages as the client feels necessary.

Having one point of contact to take away the stress of engaging with various contractors is our goal. This provides a streamline and enjoyable building experience for our clients.

Occupational Health & Safety

The various State Health and Safety Acts have introduced statutory duties of care for employers, employees and others. Locspec Building Services regards safety management to be a primary business objective and to this end has developed a formal Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy and System framed with the objective of achieving a high level of pro-active OH&S management throughout the company.

We are committed to providing everyone who works at or visits our workplaces with an environment that is safe and free from risk so far as is reasonably practicable.

OH&S is recognised by our senior management as the most significant component of all of our activities. We value communication, consultation, continual improvement and whole-company involvement, and are committed to being at the forefront of safety within the construction industry.


Locspec Building Services already have some enviornmental policies in place, we are always looking for more environmentally  friendly ways of building and are open to all our clients green ideas for their projects.

Recycled waste managment, reuseable water systems, solar power, green insulation, using quality recycled building products are just a few things we are already doing.

Locspec Building Services is a sustainably conscience business that strives to source materials that reduce environmental impact, minimise wastage and recycle where possible. We are able to achieve this by working alongside our suppliers to ensure that there is no reduction in the quality of the products used.

As this industry continues to grow and develop, so to do the products available to customers. Keeping up to date with latest industry standards ensures that the client is aware of all their options and is able to choose the best suited product for their needs and budget.